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To promote well-being, comfort and satisfaction in personal and social living in the architectural space.


To offer a service of excellence, quality and diversity, that results in the solution for architectural and social challenges.


At Lusíada we respect and defend the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the four areas of human rights, labor, environment and actively implement corporate social responsibility initiatives.


To design:  to build an environment adapted to the human form.
It is born in a search, of a necessity and will of a indissoluble relation space - forms - culture - man.


Creation of new forms: new forms that evolve and adapt to space, integrating the personality, sensitivity, economy and culture of the place.

Restoration / Heritage

Preserve out heritance: history of a style, told through construction, constructive techniques, culture of a time. Witch should be cared and safeguarded.


Design a social space: multidimensional, dynamic and intercultural space where there are effective social relations.