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The Beginning 
Focused on building and researching the best practices for urban development. . . . . .

With a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in national and international real estate market, we develop/design projects together with strategic partnerships.
We are a company active in the regeneration of the urban fabric, with the ambition of creating excellence for the best and most efficient design possible.

We try to present new business areas for our partners in the wider areas both nationally and internationally.
Lusiada Design believes in free and ethical market with equal conditions for all parties,

Bernardo Jorge Pereira Pinto Mota. After completing his Master´s degree in London, he began several professional experiences in offices in London & Barcelona. He also worked in the Aedas Office in Singapore where he was part of several large-scale projects carried out in several countries in South-East Asia’s.
In 2016 he started Lusiada Design office in Porto. The office has carried out several projects related to the protection and restoration of Portuguese national heritage. He has also explored new areas of product design.

Bernardo Mota
Isabel Domingues

Isabel Maria de Oliveira Domingues was born in 1984 in Oporto. Lived and studied in Caminha following the Agrupamento de Artes school EB 2,3 / of Caminha.
He attended the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (Porto Superior Artistic School), where he completed the integrated master's degree in architecture at the end of 2011. In May 2012 defends the final year Architects SRN .
Immediately started the stage of admission to the same Order in Urb Atelier in Porto, accompanied by architect. João Campos until December 2013. Taking part in the edition of the book " Almeida, O Castelo de D. Dinis e a fronteira de Portugal " between Other projects.
Collaborated for a period of 7 months with Urbancompendium atelier, then proceeding to carry out professional internship for 12 months in the same place.
He attended and completed the first of five modules of the Occupational Safety and Health Technician course at Ciccopn in Maia.
In January 2016, she began working as an Architect in the Lusiada Design office where she developed work in the various areas of intervention.

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